About Me

I became passionate about natural therapies began during my travels around the world, in particular in Asia.  I was fascinated by many of the Eastern therapies that gave fantastic results.  I decided to look into them more once settled in Australia. After obtaining my Diploma of Remedial massage in 2000,  I then discovered Kinesiology. Amazed at the results I experienced myself through this therapy, I decided to look into this further.  I gained her Cert IV in Kinesiology in 2005 and went on to complete her diploma in 2008.    

I love massage but always knew I wanted to help people on a deeper emotional level.   When I discovered Kinesiology, I knew that this combined all the things I loved in natural therapies.   To be able to ask the body for feedback about the best approach in assisting it back to its optimal level,   to see the changes in people when an awareness is gained, is fantastic" 

I believe Kinesiology is about empowering people, bringing awareness to people on how they can assist their bodies to heal themselves.  Life is not for existing but living to the full.

Following on from my journey of healing my gut and chronic IBS I now specialises in gut related problems using nutrition, especially fermented foods to heal the gut and regain optimal health. This led me to complete my GAPS Practitioner training in 2015 (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).


I also studied LEAP.  Learning Enhancement Acupressure protocol.  This is a protocol to assist in brain integration.  This combined with Fusion Acupressure can bring about deep and lasting changes.

EFT (Emotional freedom technique), NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy were added to my extensive toolbox in 2016.  This makes each session unique and tailored to the individuals needs and preferences.


Diploma of Professional Kinesiology

Diploma Remedial Massage

Certificate in NLP

Certficate in Time-Line therapy

Certificate in Hypnotherapy

Certificate in EFT 

Advanced Certificate in NAET (Energy Mismatch Technique)


Fusion Acu-pressure (1)


ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society- Provider No - 19977

Health fund registered